Add Campaign Decapitated

We have all had those moments when we realize the game has changed way after play has begun. In advertising there is certainly nothing astounding about a client moving the goal posts, changing the direction of a campaign on a whim or suspending the whole thing completely, sometimes mid meeting. But I have to say, I have never come across a campaign which has hit the buffers as hard and as late as this one.

Greyhound has just scrapped an ad campaign they had already rolled out after this story broke late last week: 

A traveler aboard a Greyhound bus repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated his seat mate, pausing during the savage attack in central Canada to display the head to passengers who had fled in horror, witnesses and officials said Thursday.

The add campaign, which extolled the virtues of bus travel had to be hastily terminated as the tag line read: “There’s a reason you’ve never heard of ‘bus rage.'” 

Greyhound spokeswoman Abby Wambaugh said “Greyhound knows how important it is to get these removed and we are doing everything possible.  This is something that we immediately asked to be done last week, realizing that these could be offensive.”

Talk about having to go back to the drawing board! Maybe their new tag line should be Greyhound, Head and Shoulders above the rest? Here is the never to be seen again add:


North American bus company Greyhound Lines said it had pulled ...


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