Today is Repeal Day!

Finally, a non-denominational day of celebration I can both believe in and participate in, in equal, preferably large measure! Today is Repeal Day, which celebrates the repealing of the Volstead Act, or the 18th Amendment, (prohibition to you and I) on December 5th, 1933.

The act which outlawed the selling, purchase, production or distribution of alcohol, had been put in place thirteen years earlier due to the scaremongering and puritanical preachings of amongst others, The Women’s Christian Temperance Union. They, and their ilk believed alcohol was responsible for all of societies ills including crime, mental illness and poverty; rather similar to republican views on immigration now.

For thirteen years America tolerated the Eighteenth Amendment and the criminal fraternity were all to happy to step into the void.  They overran the traditional means of alcohol production and America experienced the fastest growth in organized crime in her history. Once again the Puritans were proved wrong and ironically, due to prohibition America’s alcoholic thirst actually increased.  What is it they say about forbidden  fruit.

So tonight buy some booze, it doesn’t matter what just make sure it’s alcoholic. By doing so you will be celebrating your constitutional rights and that has to be something worth drinking to! Well, that and proving another bunch of right wing zealots wrong.

Pass the message on. We want this to be bigger than Christmas!


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