Business As Unusual


This is my latest business card. Impactful, I think you’ll agree. I knocked it up using Adobe, photoshop, Illustrator and a bottle of vodka. I wanted to design something that would be acknowledged and commented upon before being thrown in the trash. My less flattering, but more impactful, business image is, in fact, a picture taken after a recent mountain biking accident. Everyone assumes I have been fighting? Judging by the reaction I have received, I think my card may well be discussed and then possibly banned. Can you ban a business card? I hadn’t realized the people of New York were so delicate. I hand it to people and they just stand there staring. One guy went so far as to explain he couldn’t speak as he was ‘in shock’. Wait until they see my next card, a full length nude, only my member covered by a large black box, with the tag line ‘long copy’.


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