Leaving? Left? Arrival? Departure?

So the madness begins once more. Having left Blighty behind, we are now in America and onto our third continent in as many months. Although our time back in London was brief, it was by no means unproductive. In three short weeks we have managed to renovate and let our apartment, organize our work lives and generally tie up any loose ends associated with our lives in Britain. I don’t know whether I am coming or going. I am totally turned around!

We really didn’t have any time to reflect on leaving the U.K. Having only just returned from Australia a couple of weeks before, we were organizing our move to N.Y, from the moment we hit the ground. I am only just beginning to feel like I have actually left. I think it will take a few more chili dogs and a few more “how you doin’s” before I really start to get it.

Since landing on Friday, we have done nothing but pound the streets in search of the ideal apartment. We have covered an incredible amount of ground and seen a myriad of different properties, but we haven’t yet managed to secure a base. We have a meeting tomorrow to hopefully secure a tenure on a property in Stuyvesant Town, named after Peter Stuyvesant, the last Dutch Director General of the colony of New Netherland, now known as New York. It was made famous recently when it was subject to the most expensive realty deal in history. Judging by the rents they charge it’s not hard to see why! You really don’t get a lot for your money in this town. It is certainly a stark contrast to Australia, where for the same amount of money we would have bedrooms a plenty, a swimming pool, a garden and be generally living like kings!

The main stumbling block to securing a tenancy in N.Y. is of course financial. Most realty companies require proof of salary equivalent to forty times the monthly rental! On top of that they require two months rent up front. The paperwork is so convoluted that If I’d have offered the shirt off my back they would probably have required a proof of purchase! And at the end of the day you have broken your back to sign a lease agreeing to pay an exorbitant amount of money every month for a whopping 800 Sq ft of empty space!

Financial reservations aside, I think we have found a truly unique place to live. Set in 80 Acres of landscaped gardens, with playgrounds and sports facilities aplenty, Stuy Town, as they call it, really doesn’t feel like you are in Manhattan. The utopian design and founding principals of the original development lend this place a feeling of a time gone by. However, although I am a firm believer in going Dutch, I really didn’t expect to go this far!


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