Breaking through the language barrier!

Every time I think I am getting the hang of the Australian language I come a ‘gutser’ to use the local parlance. I know that the bathroom is the ‘dunny’, tomato sauce is the ‘dead horse’ (I kid you not) and that I am of course a ‘Pommy’. But my lack of knowledge has resulted in, amongst other things, me getting my beer in an undersized glass!!!

Even though I am getting the basics, I quite often hear things that leave me absolutely baffled. Whilst out driving I was playing around with the radio and accidentally tuned into a local talk show. The topic of the hour was ‘is your man a bludger or is he a beaut’ (a bludger being a layabout). Even I could follow this debate without too much thought, but when they cut to the news, then I was completely lost! The first report went something like this:

There was a serious bingle this arvo on the east shore road. A divvy van hit a boomer leaving one bloke cactus and another two seriously crock. A local bushy alerted the police and stayed with the poor blokes until the Ambo arrived”.

I remember picking up an Australian phrase book in a bookshop and laughing at the idea of having to translate our shared language. I now realise not buying it was completely ‘bodgy‘! I’m off to buy one to avoid coming a ‘gutser‘ again!


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