A Rachnid atmosphere!

We have been in Melbourne for a few weeks now and we are really starting to settle in. Melbournians are very friendly and accommodating and the city is compact enough to quickly get your bearings. We have even expanded our horizons outside of the CBD and have begun to explore the suburbs and the surrounding national parks.

I am trying to pick up the local lingo and have already got a grasp of the essentials. Beer is sold in sixes, slabs and cases and served in pints, pots and schooners. You buy beer from the bottle shop. See, almost a local!

We are even getting used to the strange birds and wildlife, although, there are plenty of things that are still a little unnerving. Last night, for instance, down the local pub, we shared our ‘pot’ of Carlton Draught with a spider as big as a mans hand. It crawled across the wall and sat above our heads. Even the locals appeared concerned when the landlord confessed he didn’t know what type of spider it actually was. “It’s a blaady big one” was all he said, before shrugging his shoulders and going on with his business. I’ve had to deal with trouble in pubs before, but never killer spiders as big as your hand! I don’t know if the spider had been drinking, but if it had, thank Christ, it appeared to be a placid drunk!

Spiders aside, the pub was great and the area, Brunswick St, with all it’s cafe’s and bars is definitely somewhere we will be spending more time.


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