Back on the blog!


O.k. So I’m back. I have finally managed to get off my butt, get myself organised and start blogging again. If anybody out there has been wondering where I have been, why? Maybe it’s time to wake up from that coma, stop watching ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, give up the drinking/drugs and get out more! If none of that appeals, keep on reading my old friends! It’s good to have you back!

Now for the excuses! As a struggling artist, I often have to supplement my income with a second job. In the past this has afforded me the pleasure of working in the Post Office, bookies, numerous bars and shops and until recently, a bike shop. Unfortunately, low paid jobs tend to be rather time consuming as you need to clock up an awful lot of hours to make your pay cheque look remotely respectable; hence my lack of creative output. But hey, I’m back with a truckload of irreverence, trivia and bullshit to get through. So sit tight, read on and you never know, it may even be as good as ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’!


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